Steffi Neuhuber

Experimental Musician

Vienna, Austria


Steffi Neuhuber *1985

from Ebensee, Upper Austria
lives and works in Vienna.


Steffi Neuhuber is part of different collectives with a concentration on experimental music and interdisciplinary works. She recently started playing solo and is also doing video work.

She is part of the duo Black Biuti (together with Katrin Hauk), PLENUM and the Vienna based association SNIM. From time to time Steffi is joining the Bird People collective - an open collective founded by Uli Rois and the most recent project Baron | Neuhuber an interdisciplinary soundperformance project with sculptor Daniel Baron.

During a stay in Chicago (2012) Natalie Chami, Brian Griffith and Steffi Neuhuber became cofounders of the collective Screaming Claws that has its focus on experimental/ambient/noise music with the goal to build an international musical network in this area.

The Open Kollektiv OutSight (O.K.O) is a media/performance collective. 

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December 8th: Baron | Neuhuber - Philosophy Unbound @ Spektakel, Vienna (A)
December 3rd: STILL LISTENING memorial concert for Pauline Oliveros with Creative Music Ensemble Graz, the Deep Listening Study Group Graz & PLENUM @ MUWA,  Graz (A)
December 1st: PLENUM, Heptagonal Dreams @ Alte Schmiede, Vienna (A)

October 25th-28th: Good Morning, Boys and Girls" von Julie Zeh @ KosmosTheater, Vienna Regie: Barbara Klein | Choreografie: Paola Bianchi | Licht: Paolo Pollo   Rodighiero | Kostüme: Nicole Panagl | Musik: Stefanie Neuhuber | Video: Pablo Leiva Mit: Pablo Leiva, Johanna Prosl, Sophie Resch, Susanne Rietz, Giamo Röwekamp, Jens Ole Schmieder. | October 19th: das kleine symposion @ Echoraum, Vienna (A) | October 18th-21st: Good Morning, Boys and Girls" von Julie Zeh @ KosmosTheater, Vienna (A) | October 11th -14th: Good Morning, Boys and Girls von Julie Zeh @ KosmosTheater, Vienna (A) | October 5th: VIENNA IMPROVISERS ORECHSTRA - interchange. instant composition conducting by special guest: Josefina Alonso (Madrid) & Michael Fischer @Künstlerhaus 1050, Vienna | July 3rd-7th: KinderUniKunst @dieangewandte, Vienna (A) | May 31st: Hauk - Neuhuber _ Weichselbaum @ SFIEMA, Cafe Korb, Vienna (A) | April 11: Black Biuti | Sebastian Sighell @ StuwerSounds, Vienna (A) | April 5th: Engelsharfen & Teufelsgeigen feat. Murmel Comics proudly present: ^^TANZ DER VAMPIRE^^ Präsentation des neuen Murmel Comics Heft #46 ^^Vampir^^ live Concert: Steffi Neuhuber - așteptare înfiorător^^ live Tattooing with Aldo Giannotti & friends^^ Vampirmusik aufgelegt von Engelsharfen & Teufelsgeigen^^ special guest: blood suckerberg | March 16th: Steffi Neuhuber, Neuhuber | Rois @Tea House Vol.20 @Celeste, Vienna (A)

2016 December 15th: Baron | Neuhuber @ dichtung//s//ring - bloß @ moë, Vienna (A) | December 13th: PLENUM & velharmonisches orchester @velak Gala, moë, Vienna (A) | November 10th: kybernetik zweiter ordnung: Michael Mason | Guro S.Moe | Stefan Voglsinger | Aras Levni Seyhan | Réka Kutas | Steffi Neuhuber @ Club U, Vienna (A) | November 9th: PLENUM + Guro Moe @ moë, Vienna (A) | October 26th: femtrails.sorority @ Spektakel, Vienna (A) | October 22nd: das kleine symposion @ Echoraum, Vienna (A) | October 6th: Katrin Auzinger, Esad Halilovic, Clara Kenner, Fabian Jäger, Alessandro Vicard, Steffi Neuhuber, Hans Heininger @ Au, Vienna (A) | October 1st: Black Biuti | Phal:Angst @ moë, Vienna (A) | September 27th: Stummfilmvertonung - Der Fuhrmann des Todes @ Unsafe&Sounds Festival, Schikaneder, Vienna (A) | September 8th: Black Biuti | Jorge Sanchez Chiong | Vinylautomat @ zentrale, Vienna (A) | August 12th: Bird People @ Klangfolger, Gallneukirchen (A) | August 11th: Bird People @ Parken, Sigmund-Freud-Park, Vienna (A) | July 22: Outsight @ Amonhaus, Wellenklänge, Lunz am See (A) July 4th-7th: OutSight @ Workshop: VerGIF mich nicht!, Kinderkunstuni, Vienna (A) July 2nd: Bird People @ a berry feast, moë, Vienna (A) June 12th: Black Biuti @ a berry feast, rhiz, Vienna (A) May 24th: Black Biuti @ Musikraumgarage, Vienna (A) | May 6th: Baron | Neuhuber @ Niños Consentidos, Brick5, Vienna (A) | April 8th: @ Philisophy Unbound #9, Theaterbühne Spektakel, Vienna (A) March 16th: OutSight: Running Sushi Festival @ KunstRaumGarage, Garage Votivpark, Vienna (A)  |  February 16th: Black Biuti @ velak export, Vienna (A) 

2015 December 13th: PLENUM @ Gartenbaumuseum, Vienna (A) | November 26th: PLENUM @ Shut Up And Listen, Echoraum, Vienna (A) | November 11th: Black Biuti @ fluc, Vienna (A) | October 17th: dks @ Echoraum, Vienna (A) | October 15th: Bird People @ Feathered Coyote's Tea House Vol. 5: Aerial Ruin / Bird People / Acoustic Session, Celeste, Vienna (A) | October 15th: dks @ Echoraum, Vienna (A) | October 9th: PLENUM @ Musik im Raum, Linz (A)September 11th: PLENUM @ open music, Graz (A) | August 21st/22nd: Bird People @ Klangfestival, Gallneukirchen (A) | August 5th: Bird People @ Flex Cafe, Vienna (A) | August 1st: Bird People @ Tera Salvaria Festival, Sas Dlacia, Alto Adige (IT) | July 10th: Workshop Presentation @ MDW (A) | July 6th - 10th: Workshop at Kinderkunstuni "Die Roboter aus der Krachmacher Straße" together with Lena Violetta Leitner @ die Angewandte, Vienna (A) | July 2nd: Black Biuti @ Feathered Coyote's Tea House Vol.4, CCeleste, Vienna (A) | June: 11th: Bird People @ Katrins Klangschiene, Radio Orange | June 7th: Grenzwerte Festival VI - Grenzgänge Brunch @ Friday Exit, Vienna (A) | June 6th: Steffi Neuhuber @ A Berry Feast, Sonnenpark, St.Pölten, (A) | May 28th: Grenzwerte Festival VI - Grenzgänge, Vienna (A) | May 27th: Feathered Coyote & Screaming Claws present: LYKANTHEA, STEFAN FRAUNBERGER, NEUHUBER/ROIS @ moë, Vienna (A) | May 21st: Bird People @ Club U, Vienna (A) | May 16th: upyours - im leerstand, Bamberg (D) | April 23rd:  Call Our Shifts / Black Buiti @ vekks, Vienna (A) | April 15th: PLENUM @ blöderdrittermittwoch, rhiz, Vienna (A) | April 9th: Feathered Coyote's Tea House No. 1: Bird People & Kompostfauteuil @ Celeste, Vienna (A) | April 4th: surprise/surprise @ Schachhaus, Braunau (A) | March 6th: OutSight @ Finnisage, Friday Exit, Vienna (A) | March 2nd: Running Shushi Filmscreening @ Friday Exit, Vienna (A) | March 1st: snim @ Neue Musik St. Ruprecht, Vienna (A) | February 21st: Bird People @ AU, Vienna (A) | February 13th- March 5th: Residency @ Friday Exit, Vienna (A) | January 31st @ Sounds Of The Waxing Light: Teamforest / Eric Arn / Burlin Mud / Bird People / Tornado Victory / Themsen Réka Rehaug & Salah
Addin. w/bird people, moë (A)

2014 December 17th: PLENUM @ Raw Matters. Large and Long, Moë, Vienna (A) | October 31st: Black Biuti feat. Grimm @ Noches de los Muertos, Echoraum, Vienna (A) | October 9th: @ dks, Echoraum, Vienna (A) | September 14th: PLENUM Anna Clare Hauf + Burkhard Stangl @ Aschaffenburg (D) | September 13th: PLENUM + Anna Clare Hauf + Burkhard Stangl @ Aschaffenburg (D) | September 4th: PLENUM + Katharina Ernst @ Roomservice Festival, Porgy&Bess, Vienna (A) | July 20th: Bird Skull + Steffi Neuhuber @ moë, Vienna (A) | May 15th: PLENUM Portrait @ Radio Ö1: Zeit-Ton (Gestaltung: Marlene Schnedl) | April 19th: "In Paradise": PLENUM mit Anna Clare Hauf (voc.)&Alfred Reiter (sound) @ Festival Imago Dei, Minoritenkirche, Krems (A) | March 23rd: Black Biuti @ Interpenetrationen, Forum Stadtpark, Grax (A) | March 5th - March 14th: Obsessions, Exhibition, Performance, Concert @Mala Stanica, National Gallery of Macedonia (MK)
2013 December 15th: PLENUM @ Neue Musik St.Ruprecht, Vienna (A) | December 8th: Screaming Claws Jam Session - Chicago, LA, Vienna | November 13th: Black Biuti @ Der Schaukasten, Vienna (A) | November 21st: Black Biuti @ Cafe Museum, Prinz Aberjaja, Book Presentation by Ondrej Cikan, Vienna (A) | November 12th: Black Biuti @ @ Cafe Nil, Dunkle Bukolik, Vienna (A) | Ocotber 11th: Black Biuti :::: FLOATING :::: @ Viennafair for HIAS (health in the arts), Vienna, (A) | September 20th: Black Biuti+Hui YE @ Kunstfrischmarkt at mo sounds, Vienna (A) | Black Biuti @ Kino, Ebensee (A) | August 4th: Black Biuti @ is.m – festival for improvised sound and movement, Moë, Vienna (A) | July 13th: TALsounds/Steffi Neuhuber @ Carefullyplanned at Wahlbar, Manchester (GB) | July 8th: TALsounds/Steffi Neuhuber @ Amannstudios, Vienna (A) | July 6th: TALsounds/Steffi Neuhuber @ Living Room Session, Vienna (A) | June 29th: TALsounds/Steffi Neuhuber @ Die Frühperle, Berlin (D) | May 16th: Black Biuti feat. Grimm @ 10 Jahre Impro Schwerpunkt, MDW, Haydn Saal, Vienna (A) | May 9th: PLENUM @ Katrin's Klangschiene, Radio Orange | April 16th: +surprise∆surprise+ DuoDuo @ Proberaum, Vienna (A) | April 11th: Black Biuti @ Well Gedacht, Transporter, Vienna (A) | April 5th: Salty Altitude @ Zollergasse, Vienna (A) | April 1st: OutSight 'diarrhoese diarien' @ Raw Matters, Schikaneder, Vienna (A) | March 27th: Black Biuti @ ZeitRAUM im Machwerk, Vienna (A) | March 23rd: PLENUM 'Broken Concerts' @ Echoraum, Vienna (A) | March 8th: Black Biuti feat.Grimm @ MDW, Haydn Saal, Vienna (A) | February 7th: Black Biuti @ Freedonia, Barcelona (ES) } February 6th: Black Biuti @ NIU :: espai artístic, Barcelona (ES) | January 20th: Ö, the Austrian section of ÖNCZkekvist Orchestra, Moë, Vienna (A)

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